Time seems to have stopped in the village of Pededze in the North-East of Latvia. Animals are making noise, the wind is sighing and a wrinkly old lady, leaning on a curved walking cane, is chasing chickens out of the stable. But time didn''t stop. On the contrary, time is passing and Latvia has gone through some dramatic changes during the past fifteen years. Trulichka is a portrayal of the life in Pededze village, where the old and new generations live side by side. Old folks reminisce over the good old Soviet times, lamenting the new life and unemployment following the fall of socialism. Some of their relatives have stayed behind Russian borders and without a visa they can't go see each other. As to the youngsters of the EU times, they don't feel any need to visit their former motherland. Trulichka is a warm and human depiction of the old making way for the new, and also of their mutual harmony in today's Latvia living under winds of change.
VAF Wildcard 2005
SCAM Audience Award 2005
Holland You Doc Award 2007
Director: Jean Counet
Cinematographer: Kimmo Jaatinen
Editor: Mikko Sippola
Research/screenplay: Mattias De Paep
Sound recording and Sound Design: Kirsi Korhonen
Music: Ville Alajuuma
Producer: Natalija Gnezdova
Line producer: Charles Counet, Jasmijn van Gorp, Dick Modderman
Translation: Julia Vovka, Juri Pervjakov, Rozanne Verdonck

(C) 2005 TAM Films

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