The conflict in Ukraine may have become a regular feature in the news but we rarely see the human cost of the situation. “Calling Ukraine,” Jean Counet’s heart-wrenching documentary, attempts to rectify this as he records a series of Skype conversations between a grandmother in Latvia and her daughter trapped in war-torn eastern Ukraine. This intimately focused documentary provides a personal perspective on the conflict showing the real human drama on the grandmother’s worried face. It is an incredibly moving experience that is reinforced by the family photographs of happier times that intercut the emotionally-charged conversations.
Awards: - Special Mention, Family Film Project Porto 2015 - Grand Prix for Documentary, Sarmat Film Festival Russia 2015 - Best Documentary Short Film, Hong Kong Film Festival 2015​​​​​​​
Director, cinematographer, sound, editor: Jean Counet
Research & production: Natalija Gnezdova
Producer: Jos de Putter
Festival Handling: Some Shorts - Wouter Jansen

(C) 2015 Deep Focus Web Docs & TAM Films

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