Through a Skype call the daily life, dreams and fears of a family in Eastern-Ukraine is revealed while the bombs are falling in the background. A grandmother in Latvia phones with her sister and child who live in the war zone of Eastern-Ukraine, months without often having water and electricity. The bombs, explosions and missiles are not the only danger. The misinformation that is rampant in the seperatist area's also creates an unbridgeable isolation with the rest of the country. We see the traces of the war on the face of the grandmother who, like the viewer is powerless.
Awards: - Special Mention, Family Film Project Porto 2015 - Grand Prix for Documentary, Sarmat Film Festival Russia 2015 - Best Documentary Short Film, Hong Kong Film Festival 2015​​​​​​​
Director, cinematographer, sound, editor: Jean Counet
Research & production: Natalija Gnezdova
Producer: Jos de Putter
Festival Handling: Some Shorts - Wouter Jansen

(C) 2015 Deep Focus Web Docs & TAM Films

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