This is usually where life begins and ends. We may have a peek at all its stages in a Latvian hospital. We get to know its patients, medical personnel, building layout and infrastructure as well as its atmosphere, heavily influenced by the hospital sounds and colours. A meeting place of people from different social strata, this is where friendships are formed and painful partings occur. The picture of a big hospital seems intimate and familiar, at the same time trying to capture the mystery of the place.
Director : Jean Counet
Screenplay: Jean Counet and Natalija Gnezdova
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Kimmo Jaatinen
Sound : Kirsi Korhonen Kirsi Korhonen
Editor : Mikko Sippola
Music : Tuukka Terho

Produced by: Daniel De Valck and Anne Deligne (Cobra Films), Pertti Veijalainen (Illume Ltd.) in co-operation with Natalija Gnezdova (TAM Films)

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