'... marvel at the pin-sharp cinematography, the fairytale forest setting, the lightly-worn ingénue hotness of absolutely everybody involved. It’s a lovely thing.'     |  Gigwise
'Anna van Rij’s voice, cool and evanescent as the morning dew, veers between melancholy lethargy and emotionally wrought upper-register bends. Partner in crime Timon Persoon does his ‘voodoo soundman’ bit on keys, crafting a proper three-dimensional sound landscape at the tender locus of soundtrack and songwriting.'     |   Gigwise
Official video for ‘Figure’ which will appear on The Visual's debut album ‘Moments Of Being’, out on Mink Records early 2019.
Director: Hanna van Niekerk
Concept: Hanna van Niekerk & Anna van Rij
Cinematography & Photography: Jean Counet
Edit: Rowdy Wiegmans
Art Director: Jasmijn Huijsmans
Actor(s): Wies Fest

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