‘Ubiquity is a truly important film for those who constantly tap on their phones enough to create an unconscious habit out of it and a potent warning sign for excessive use of technologies.’ – Get Reel Movies

The internet is closing in on us to connect anyone, anywhere, anytime. Some people cannot stand the electromagnetic radiation from the wireless networks that surround us. They feel the pulse of the wireless world on their bodies. Are they the canaries in the coal mine?

writer and director: Bregtje van der Haak
director of photography: Jean Counet & Maasja Ooms
sound: Rik Meier, Sam Huisman, Tim van Peppen, Mark Wessner
editor: Xander Nijsten
sound designer: Vincent Sinceretti 
composer: Juho Nurmela
research: Wiesje Kuijpers
commissioning editor: Barbara Truyen, VPRO
co-producer: Hanne Phlypo, Clin d'oeil films 
producers: Katja Draaijer, Frank Hoeve, Baldr Film 
© 2018 BALDR Film / VPRO / Clin d'oeil films

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