A young woman in Taipei is confronted with the blindness of her mother who is convinced she has a sixth sense. The story of Liling seems to unfold intuitively. When her mother goes blind, the young musician is suddenly forced to leave her big-city cocoon and return to the small island where she grew up. There, her scientific approach to blindness, in which she presents the world to her mother through words on the advice of the doctor, clashes with her old mother's spiritual approach. She argues that she can’t see the world around her any more, but can still sense it. Could the science-fiction drawings of the former scientist with whom she flirts in the city provide mediation? Also see Immortelle in Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films.
'David Verbeek’s best film' -★★★★ Parool
'Every shot of Jean Counet hits the target and is appealing to the eye' -★★★★ Volkskrant
'A story about illness, mourning and reconciliation with the circle of life' - ★★★★ NRC
'Jean Counet weaves film layers of sharpness and blur in the same image. This mutual focus and intuition (...) delivers surprising insights about our communications society and stunning images.' - ★★★★ NRC
'David Verbeek could be the next Dutch director with universal success' - ★★★★ Filmkrant
'A well-built,associative, magic-realistic trip about imagination' ★★★★ VPRO
Director: David Verbeek
Producer: Wout Conijn
Cinematographer: Jean Counet
Editor: Patrick Schonewille
Sound: Ginny Shuei
Sound Design: Peter Warnier
Color Correction: Max Vonk
Gaffer: Hu Wei
With: Lu Huang, Yi Ching Lu, Pong Fong Lu
Produced by: Conijn Film

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