'David Verbeek’s best film' -★★★★ Parool
'Every shot of Jean Counet hits the target and is appealing to the eye' -★★★★ Volkskrant
'A story about illness, mourning and reconciliation with the circle of life' - ★★★★ NRC
'Jean Counet weaves film layers of sharpness and blur in the same image. This mutual focus and intuition (...) delivers surprising insights about our communications society and stunning images.' - ★★★★ NRC
'David Verbeek could be the next Dutch director with universal success' - ★★★★ Filmkrant
'A well-built,associative, magic-realistic trip about imagination' ★★★★ VPRO
Director: David Verbeek
Producer: Wout Conijn
Cinematographer: Jean Counet
Editor: Patrick Schonewille
Sound: Ginny Shuei
Sound Design: Peter Warnier
Color Correction: Max Vonk
Gaffer: Hu Wei
With: Lu Huang, Yi Ching Lu, Pong Fong Lu
Produced by: Conijn Film

Behind the scenes photos: 

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