Zaatari is a refugee camp in Jordan, close to the Syrian border, which over the years has grown to become a settlement with a population of 80,000. It is an improvised city in the desert, with prefab units instead of proper housing and sandy paths instead of streets. The thousands of children who live there have few possessions; a soccer ball is a luxury, a second-hand bike a treasure. In Zaatari Djinn, Catherine van Campen follows four children who each cope with the camp’s difficult circumstances in their own way. The dreamy Maryam keeps herself occupied with soccer practice and theater rehearsals, while Hammoudi hardly seems aware of the tragic situation in his hometown in Syria. The same cannot be said of the downcast Ferras, who has to work for a living, or rebellious Fatma, who makes friends with a rooster. Stories about djinns – supernatural beings that can be either good or evil – are a leitmotif in the film. With her poetic, observational style, Van Campen not only documents the children’s daily lives, but also lays bare their souls.
Wereldpremière IDFA 2016
‘[…] een ode aan het leven door een groot regisseur. Dit is wat grote kunst vermag.’ – Vrij Nederland
‘Surrealistische, sprookjesachtige sfeer van Zaatari Djinn, door z’n fotografische toewijding echt een documentaire voor op het grote doek.’ – ★★★, NRC
‘Zaatari djinn zit vol ontroerende en soms hartverscheurende momenten.’ – ★★★★, Het Parool
Regie: Catherine van Campen
Research/Fixer: Ruth Vandewalle
Camera: Jean Counet
Additioneel camera: Jefrim Rothuizen
Geluid: Mark Wessner
Montage: Albert Markus
Sounddesign: Marc Lizier
Componist: Alex Simu
Producenten: Iris Lammertsma en Boudewijn Koole | Witfilm
Uitvoerend producenten: Nazima Mintjes en Nienke Rispens
Distributeur:  Cinema Delicatessen i.s.m. Herrie Film & TV
(C) 2016 WITFILM

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